Women’s Health: Getting Pregnant and Fertility

2.3 Body Weight Basics

Body Mass Index Basics

Research has shown that women with a BMI of 20-24 are more likely to conceive without difficulties. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure of your body fat that considers your height and weight. It can help you to see if you are in a healthy weight range. While your BMI can give insight, it can’t be the only indicator you use to determine if you are at a healthy weight. It is still very important to communicate with your primary care physician because special situations may need special advice. Your doctor will be able to make recommendations based on other factors like muscle mass and medical history.

Extreme Risk

Body weight can affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Extremes in body fat can affect the balance of hormones that are involved in conception. Your body can also begin to become insulin resistant if you are overweight. This results in high levels of insulin in your bloodstream, which can affect ovulation. In a future lesson we will touch on some conditions that may affect your weight as well as your fertility.


Body Mass Index Table

Click here to calculate your own BMI

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