Women’s Health: Getting Pregnant and Fertility


Pregnancy can be an exciting time filled with lots of preparation. It may not seem like it, but motherhood begins even before baby is born. Starting with good health is the best way to go and you should already be proud of yourself for taking the first step: educating yourself. Knowledge is power for both you and the life you are preparing to create. Along with good lifestyle choices, healthy eating and avoiding certain habits can improve your chances of having a baby. If you are thinking about starting a family and want to give yourself a good fighting chance to do so, this is your course!

It was created to give you practical ways to prepare yourself for pregnancy with information from trusted sources and professional journals. In a world where so much (accurate and bogus) information is at your fingertips, I designed this course to give you the facts without overwhelming you. In this module, we will learn about smart dietary habits, lifestyle changes and a few conditions that call for special planning.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Give examples of nutrients that have positive effects on fertility
  2. Describe how physical and mental health can affect fertility
  3. Make informed food and lifestyle choices when considering pregnancy
  4. Describe why smoking and alcohol negatively affect getting pregnant

Ready? Let’s begin!

Ashli Gordon

Nutrition and Wellness Professional 


The information provided in this module is not intended to diagnose or treat disease; neither is it intended to replace the advice of your primary care provider (PCP) and health care team. Please consult your PCP and health care team.

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