Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

5.11 Eat SMART

Remember how we talked about creating healthy habits in lesson 5? Let’s apply SMART goals to eating so you can get a better idea.

Specific: Start by asking yourself some questions like: What foods do I need to eat more of? How can I add more vegetables to my meals? Let’s say you would like to eat more fruits. A specific goal can be, “I will eat 2 fruits every day as part of my breakfast.”

Measurable: How can you keep track of this? If you have a smart phone, there are different apps you can use. My favorite is See How You Eat because all you have to do is take a picture of your food. You can also use My Fitness Pal, MyPlate, or whatever app you prefer. You can also write it down using a food diary like this one here.

Attainable: Are you able to eat 2 fruits every day? Do you have access to a grocery store to buy fruits? If you can’t get fresh fruits, you can try frozen fruits, dried fruit, and even canned fruit.

Relevant/Realistic: Are you likely to do this? What will make you more likely? What might prevent you from doing this? Why is this important?

Timely: When will you start? When will you go grocery shopping? Today? Sunday? Next Monday?

A few more points:

  • Have FUN! Try new recipes. Eat new foods. Enjoy what you are doing.
  • Don’t quit! Whatever you do, make sure you don’t give up. Just keep trying. Try something different. Change your goals.
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