For Parents and Guardians: Healthy Weight for Healthy Kids and Teens

7.6 Summary

In this lesson we discussed:

  1. The influence the of the mind-body connection in eating
  2. Ideas for nourishing their mind body connection
  3. The benefits of mindful eating
  4. Tips for helping your child/teen practice mindful eating

It has been fun coaching you along this journey.  A few things to keep in mind while we wrap up.

  • Every child/teen’s situation is different.   There will be difference in food preferences, food allergies, personal reasons why they may be gaining too much weight.
  • Weight management for children/teens is personalized just as it is with adults.  
  •  If you child or teen has gained a lot of weight then you will need more than this course.
  • Besides working with your child/teen’s pediatrician and nurse please the request to see a registered dietitian. 

If you feel like you have tried but still need additional support please contact us. We offer face to face and HIPAA regulated video counseling for families.  Click here to learn more about our counseling services.  

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