For Parents and Guardians: Healthy Weight for Healthy Kids and Teens

7.3 Practicing Mind-Body

Whether you realize it or not your thoughts and emotions affect the way you eat.  Think about the last time you were stressed, sad, angry, lonely, what did you eat?  Did you eat? Your emotions can lead to overeating or skipping meals, it is the same with your child/teen because they have emotions too!  Your child/teen’s mind and body need to be nourished. Encourage your child/teen to practice a mind-body activity. Discuss a few ideas with them and join them in practicing some mind-body activities.    Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Prayer
    1. Memorizing and reciting Bible promises or positive affirmations
    2. Practice mindfulness

Check out these mindfulness videos:


  1. Sitting quietly and taking a few breaths
  2. Writing their thoughts in a journal or writing what they are thankful for (gratitude)
    1. Check out the Thought Diary app, it is a free digital app for iOS and Android.  
  1. Being intentional of performing acts of kindness. 
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