Inspiring Optimal Health Through Cooking– Today, Tomorrow and Beyond


Our mission is to empower families and individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health through healthy eating and cooking.


Our values are inspiration, integrity, innovation, fun, community.


Our integrative approaches include:

  1. Providing whole food plant-based vegan and vegetarian cooking instruction.
  2. Providing nutrition and wellness education focused on facilitating behavior.
  3. Collaborating with community partners in schools, faith-based, healthcare, restaurants and other organizations.

Through our services we:

  1. Promote cooking as an essential life skill and preventive health behavior for youth.
  2. Celebrate cooking as an important activity for strengthening family and other social relationships.
  3. Celebrate cooking as an important activity for preserving cultures and learning about other cultures.
  4. Support small businesses, especially local farmers by purchasing locally sourced produce when possible.
  5. Reduce food waste by incorporating root to tip cooking in our cooking classes.
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